• Batho Clinic Re-Opening

    ANC MPL and Chair of the Social Services Portfolio Committee Cde Lucy Mapena addressing at the reopening of Batho 24 hour clinic.

    The Clinic is the first of its kind in South Africa. MEC for Health, Cde Butana Komphela was joind by the Free State Premier, Cde Ace Magashule in opening the 24 hours Batho Clinic in Batho Location, Bloemfontein. The Free State Provincial Government has once again delivered.

  • Youth Day Initiative

    ANC FS Caucus Members comrades Lucy Mapena, Chairperson for Social Services Portfolio Committee and MEC for Police, Roads, Transport Sam Mashinini in collaboration with Ps November from the Victorious Faith Ministries went about commemorating June 16 by handing over school uniform to the value of R36 000 to 100 learners from Unity Primary school in Phase 6, Mangaung (Bloemfontein) this morning.

  • Economic Zone Launch

    President Zuma launched and handed over the Maluti-A-Phofung Special Economic Zone at Harrismith in the Free State Province. The SEZ will bring economic opportunities to the region. It serves industries such as agriculture, agroprocessing, automotive and logistic, which includes a container terminal and car terminal facilities. The programme supports industrialization and decentralization of opportunities so that economic development doesn't benefit urban centers only.

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African National Congress

  • The ANC is a national liberation movement. It was formed in 1912 to unite the African people and spearhead the struggle for fundamental political, social and economic change.
  • For ten decades the ANC has led the struggle against racism and oppression, organising mass resistance, mobilising the international community and taking up the armed struggle against apartheid.
  • The ANC achieved a decisive democratic breakthrough in the 1994 elections, where it was given a firm mandate to negotiate a new democratic constitution for South Africa. The new Constitution was adopted in 1996.
  • The ANC was re-elected in 1999 to national and provincial government with an increased mandate.
  • The policies of the ANC are determined by its membership and its leadership is accountable to the membership.
  • Membership of the ANC is open to all Sout Africans above the age of 18 years, irrespective of race, colour and creed, who accept its principles, policies and programmes.

  • Aims and Objectives

    • The ANC's key objective is the creation of a united, non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society.
    • This means the liberation of Africans in particular and black people in general from political and economic bondage. It means uplifting the quality of life of all South Africans, especially the poor.
    • The struggle to achieve this objective is called the National Dedmocratic Revolution.
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    ANC Caucus

    The terminology "caucus" was not derived from ANC organisational experience or culture, but was taken from a terminology and parliamentary practice that the ANC found amongst the remnants of the apartheid Parliament. Likewise, concepts such as "study group", "whippery" and others were found to exist in Parliament and had to be given new content.

    Caucus is sum total of ANC members of the Free State Legislature, including Members of the Executive Committee ( Premier and MECs) constitute the ANC Free State Caucus in the Free State Legislature. The Members of the ANC Caucus at all levels of their deployment, derive their broad mandates from Caucus. At all material times such mandates will be consistent with resolutions of the ANC constitutional structures. The Caucus is a very important structure and attendance of its meetings is compulsory to all ANC public representatives.

    The principal tasks of caucuses of political parties are to keep MPLs of each political formation informed about the parliamentary programme and to enable the MPLs to discuss and agree on the approach of their parties to all matters on the parliamentary agenda. They also serve as the organ within which those elected by Caucus to parliamentary positions account to the organisation as well as serving as institutions that ensures the accountability of members of Caucus. Caucuses also serve as the point of contact between the MPLs and the leadership of the organisation to which they belong. Caucuses manage the work of the study groups, which play the role of portfolio committee caucuses, and are therefore sub-structures of the national Caucus. As stated above Committee and Study Group chairs report to Caucus through the Chief Whip. The ANC Caucus carries out the above functions under the supervision of the Political Committee.

    The regular meetings of the ANC Caucus are a mechanism, amongst many others (such as study groups, political schools, workshops etc), to ensure that this collective can discuss and co-ordinate its work. Viewed from this perspective, Caucus meetings are a part of the day-to-day political management tasks of the Office of the Chief Whip.

    News Updates

    Response on Ramkraal Piece

    Another distortion on the Ramkraal project by opposition.

    On 08 September 2017, the Volksblad released what is the most unbalanced and factually distorted piece of journalism about the Free State Legislature's new premises at the Ramkraal jail Bloemfontein. As was expected, this article, which discussed the current status of the project, has generated much discussion albeit on the the wrong set of facts. More info »

    Statement of CDE Seiso Mohai

    The ANC Free State Caucus welcomes the election of Cde Seiso Mohai as the new National Council of Provinces (NCOP) Chief Whip. Cde Mohai's career in the country's Legislature sector started in 1999 when he was sent to Parliament to serve in the portfolio committes on education, communication and public services. More info »

    Passing of Cde Pius Mohlomi

    The ANC Free State Caucus has learnt with great shock about the untimely passing of former Speaker of Setsoto Local Municipality comrade Molefi Pius Mohlomi.

    As a councilor, he possessed and observed high ethical standards required of a cadre entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading change in the lives of the people from his locality. More info »

    Moqhaka Local Municipality

    Report of the auditor-general to the Free State Legislation and the council on the Moqhaka Local Municipality

    Report on the financial statements »

    Statement on Metsimaholo

    24 February 2017

    The Office of the ANC Chief Whip in the Free State Legislature welcomes the appointments of seven new councillors from the ANC as Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMCs) in Metsimaholo Municipality. This follows the victory in the recent by-elections. More info »

    Mamorena mosala

    ANC FS Whip Manager

    Brenda Kakudi

    P.A. to the Chief Whip

    100 Years of Ntate Nelson Mandela The year of renewal, unity & Jobs


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