48 Cuban Engineers

  • Hon. Speaker,
    Hon. Members,
    Members of the Gallery,
    Comrades and Friends.

    Hon. Speaker, youth around the world have been a dynamic force in shaping history around the globe.  Our own history has indicated that youth can be a powerful force.  The Sowetan Uprising of June 16, 1976, marks the significant moment in South African history when young people mobilize themselves in protest against the introduction of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction.  This moment in history is but one of many events that occurred which shaped the history of South Africa. 

    Hon. Members, it is unfortunate that not every South African is well educated in the liberation struggles of our beloved country.  I would like to specifically make reference to the opposition parties.  The ANC led-government in the Free State has received criticism relating to our recent revolutionary decision to welcome 48 Cuban engineers to the province.  They do not understand the strategic decisions undertaken by our government.

    Hon. Members, during our liberation struggles, the Cuban people stood with Africa.  Despite their limited resources further restricted by the United States economic blockade, Cuba supported the struggles of liberation movements in South Africa.  Che Guevara’s trip around the African continent in 1963 was a significant point in strengthening Cuba’s relationship with all liberation movements in Africa. 

    Hon. Speaker, it is through our ongoing relationship with countries such as Cuba that South Africa will learn more lessons in addressing our various challenges.  I am pleased to congratulate the Free State Provincial government with its revolutionary steps taken to address the challenges of service delivery.  In May this year, we welcomed 48 engineers from Cuba, 12 women and 36 men.  Their fields of expertise include civil engineering, hydraulic, structural and mechanical engineering as well as project management. 

    Hon. Members, the 48 Cuban engineers will be strategically placed throughout the province to address the following issues; improving on service delivery, the construction of government subsidized settlements, houses, the provision of water, planning and project management, sewerage and bulk infrastructure basic services supply.   Hon. Speaker, instead of criticizing us, the opposition parties should be congratulating the ANC led-government for the innovation which they never considered to address service delivery challenges.  The ANC government is continuously working towards improving service delivery to fulfill our promise of a better life for all.

    Thank you.

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