DA and their art of window dressing

  • Hon. Speaker,
    Hon. Members,
    Members of the Gallery,
    Comrades and Friends.

    The Democratic Alliance in the Free State and throughout the country has mastered the “Art of Window Dressing”.  The official opposition have window dressed when it comes to their deployment of leaders and addressing social economic issues affecting the Western Cape and the rest of the South African society. 

    Hon. Speaker, there is no more doubt that Racism is a serious issue in the DA that is often pushed under the carport.   Hon. Jankielsohn rolls his eyes every time racism is brought up, while Hon. Pittaway and Klenhans will excuse themselves from the house for fresh air or a smoke break.  In the meantime, Hon. Van Vuuren will sit there quiet with a displeased expression on his face.   Yes, Hon. Speaker, these are some of the observations I have made when the issue of racism which is so apparent in the DA is being discussed by ANC leaders. 

    Hon. Members, the DA has mastered the Art of Window dressing.  It must be the mandate they have received from the “white male elite” or “puppet masters” in the DA party.  The window dressing for the upcoming local government elections has been done so intentionally.  It started with Hon. Mmusi Maimane who is Zille’s new golden boy, since former DA Parliamentary Leader Lindiwe Mazibuko could not tolerate the white male dominance and racism in the DA anymore. 

    At provincial level, in the Free State province, DA recently announced Hon. James Letuka as their mayor candidate for Mangaung.  However, It should be noted if it was not for Ms Patricia Kopane  (Hon. Letuka’s daughter) who deployed Hon. Letuka as DA member for Parliament, he probably would not be sitting here today.  Despite the fact that family deployment is form nepotism, DA looks away because they know they have bigger issues such as racism and the mandate to employ “window dressing” by putting black faces to represent the party.

    Hon. Speaker, Hon. Letuka accepted his candidacy for mayor and has since publicly vowed to visit the 50 wards in 50 days to listen to both stories of joy and of hardship.  I just want to remind the Hon. Letuka that those stories of joy are a result of the ANC service delivery in Mangaung.  Those stories of hardships are a result of the legacy of the apartheid regime, where most of its leaders found home in the Democratic Alliance. 

    It is those same leaders that are mistreating black DA leaders and supporters.  Those 10 black DA members consisting of  leaders and ordinary DA members told the Mail & Guardian that they have all experienced racism in the party.  They choose to live with it, because they are too scared to report their cases in fear of losing their jobs or being victimized even further. 

    The DA is indeed a party that protects and represents white privilege in South Africa.  DA leaders in the Western Cape are afraid to visit poor areas in the Western Cape and would rather rule from the comfort of their suburban areas.  The DA is desperate for black faces to attack black voters in this country as part of their election machinery. 

    Hon. Speaker, I call on all South Africans, black and white to see through the window dressing the DA has mastered in.  Support ANC at the upcoming local government elections, we protect and serve the interest of all South Africans not just the elite.

    Thank you.

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