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Comrade Sefora Ntombela as Premier Elect

Free State Caucus: Media & Communications Unit

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16 March 2018


The African National Congress Free State Caucus welcomes the nomination of the Deputy President of the ANC Women’s League, Comrade Sefora ‘’Sisi’’ Ntombela as the Premier elect for the Free State province following the National Working Committee (NWC) held on the 12th of March 2018.

The nomination once again affirms the maturing and enduring nature of our democracy when coming to leadership succession in the state and that of the party. It also demonstrates real commitment towards one of the three key aims and objectives of the ANC being the creation of a united, non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society.

Comrade Sisi Ntombela who currently serves as MEC for Cooperative Governance , Traditional Affairs and Human Settlements, first served as an ANC Member of Parliament (MP) in 2001 and later came back to the province to serve as MEC for Social Development in 2009. She has over many years proven herself equal to the tasks expected of her, demonstrating her ability to face challenges that confront our province through the departments she’s lead.

Evidence of this is the work she has done in the provision of 3722 homes as well 2351 serviced sites through public private partnerships and issuing of 4715 title deeds during 2017/18 financial year while spearheading the revitalisation of Mining towns in Free State.

As a national leader of the ANC Women’s League, she also placed the agenda of women empowerment high on the department’s agenda through the allocation of 30% of its budget being allocated to women contractors.

The ANC Free State Caucus pledges its full support to Comrade Ntombela and believes that she will build on solid foundation which the outgoing Premier Comrade Ace Magashule has laid.


Enquiries: Phiwe Mathe (081 214 1702)

Frivolous Motion by the DA

Free State Caucus: Media & Communications Unit

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06 February 2018


The Office of the Chief Whip confirms the receipt of the Democratic Alliance's request for a motion of no confidence in the Premier of the Free State Cde Ace Magashule.

It Should be noted that the programming committee of the Free State Legislature which decides on the formal programme that informs the activities of the Free State Legislature had already finalized and adopted the programme for the first quarter of the year a week prior to the submission made by the Democratic Alliance.

Owing to the tight programme of the Free State Legislature and also the legislative commitments informed by the programme of National Parliament, it would not be feasible to convene an urgent meeting of the Multi-Party Whips Committee to attend and discuss the matter.

In light of the above, we thus view this motion as another obscenely politically opportunistic stunt by hte DA which is overly concerned by what the impact of the renewed hope which South Africans have in the ANC post the 54th National Conference and the current developments in the fight against will have on their electoral performance and their proud status of being the main opposition in next year's National General Elections.

Furthermore, the insinuation that the leader of the majority party in Free State Legislature does not want to vacate his office despite having assumed a new political role which requires him to be at the headquarters of the ANC on a full-time basis exposes the depth of the political crisis which the DA finds itself.

This is another frivolous motion which will yet again fail to remove the ANC as a popularly elected majority party in government.


Enquiries: Phiwe Mathe (081 214 1702)

Response on Ramkraal Piece

Free State Caucus: Media & Communications Unit

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On 08 September 2017, the Volksblad released what is the most unbalanced and factually distorted piece of journalism about the Free State Legislature’s new premises at the Ramkraal jail in Bloemfontein. As was expected, this article, which discussed the current status of the project, has generated much discussion albeit on the wrong set of facts.

The purpose of the joint committee meeting on Infrastructure and Public Accounts was to receive an in depth report on the progress made thus far with regard to the development of the new building. This is critical as it forms part of the oversight role which committees of the Free State Legislature perform. The meeting received a presentation from the MEC for Treasury outlining the background of the project from its implementation in the 2011/12 financial year with an estimated cost of R540 million and its subsequent handover to the Department of Public Works in the 2013/14 financial year accompanied by a report from the Auditor General which contained no adverse findings on the work done from all financial years before and after the handover. The question (posed by Roy Jankielsohn) about the approval from the Heritage Council for the demolition of houses around the Ramkraal prison in order to make space for the construction process to get underway were sufficiently responded to. It was made clear that anyone with evidence to the contrary should present proof.

It is also worth noting that both committees welcomed the presentation together with the proposal from the Treasury to have all outstanding issues concerning the matter to be placed under a review which will report on its findings by November this year. There was no opposition to this proposal of a formal assessment. In spite of all the questions which were raised and answers given,

As expected, members of the Democratic Alliance and the Freedom Front plus could not permit these facts to interfere with their habit of raising unnecessary alarm, spreading falsehoods and appetite for lampooning by going out into the media and relaying a complete misrepresentation of the facts. It is quite disturbing to note how members of the DA and FF-plus have absolutely no ethical qualms with assenting to a decision and publicly denouncing it in order to mislead the public on matters of critical importance such as this one.

On the other hand, it is telling of the kind of journalism that relies on a single sanitized narrative in a bid to give credibility to a weak opposition agenda.

Frantz Fanon, wrote that: “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”

In DA and FF plus’s case, there is more than cognitive dissonance at play. It is a rampant disregard for ethics and integrity required of parliamentarians.


Enquiries: Phiwe Mathe (081 214 1702)

Statement of Cde Seiso Mohai

Free State Caucus: Media & Communications Unit

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26 May 2017

ANC FS Caucus welcomes new NCOP Chief Whip

The ANC Free State Caucus welcomes the election of Cde Seiso Mohai as the new National Council of Provinces (NCOP) Chief Whip. Cde Mohai’s career in the country’s Legislative sector started in 1999 when he was sent to Parliament to serve in the portfolio committees on education, communication and public services.

In 2001 he was redeployed to serve as Chief Whip in the Free State Provincial Legislature until 2004 when he became a Member of the Executive Council (MEC) for Public Works and Transport in the Free State Provincial Government until 2009 followed by an appointment as MEC for Finance until 2013.

In the same year, he was redeployed back to Parliament to serve on the committee for Mineral Resources and Energy. After the 2014 national general elections, he was appointed as chairperson of the ANC’s Parliamentary Caucus as well as chairperson of the Select Committee on Appropriations prior to his election.

We are confident that given his extensive experience in the Legislative sector and the provincial government sphere, Cde Mohai will further reinforce the NCOP's constitutional mandate of ensuring that provincial interests are taken into account in the national sphere of government.


Enquiries: Phiwe Mathe (081 214 1702)

Passing of Cde Pius Mohlomi

Free State Caucus: Media & Communications Unit

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22 May 2017

Message of condolence on the passing of Cde Pius Mohlomi

The ANC Free State Caucus has learnt with great shock about the untimely passing of former Speaker of Setsoto Local Municipality comrade Molefi Pius Mohlomi.

As a councillor, he possessed and observed high ethical standards required of a cadre entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading change in the lives of the people from his locality.

While he lived, comrade Mohlomi’s deeds spoke for themselves and thus he has left permanent and discernible footprint which will serve as a guiding light to those of us who remain.

We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to his family, comrades and friends.

May his soul rest in revolutionary peace.


Enquiries: Phiwe Mathe (081 214 1702)

Press release 16 February 2017

Statement of the African National Congress Free State Caucus following meeting held on Friday, 17 February 2017.


17 February 2017

The African National Congress (ANC) Caucus in the Free State Legislature met for its first Caucus meeting scheduled on Friday 17 February 2017. The ANC Free State Caucus is the sum total of ANC members in the Provincial Legislature, including the Premier and MECs. Members of the ANC Caucus at all levels of their deployment, derive their broad mandates from Caucus consistent with resolutions of the ANC. The principal tasks of caucuses are to keep MPLs informed about the parliamentary programme and to enable the MPLs to discuss and agree on the approach to all matters on the parliamentary agenda.

Discussions were mainly informed by resolutions from the Provincial Lekgotla, the upcoming State of the Province Address (SOPA) taking place in Vrede at Thanda Tau (Rooikraal farm) as well as preparations for the Sub-Regional Makgotlas taking place this weekend in all 5 regions of the Free State Province. Caucus took note of and reaffirmed the decision of taking the legislature to the people. This is done in order to ensure that the province's rural communities residing in farming areas, are not excluded from participating in processes that are aimed at holding the ANC led Provincial government accountable.

In line with this year's theme of Unity in Action (The Year of OR Tambo), giving meaning to this legacy of OR Tambo will require the ANC to ensure that the Legislature, through robust and fearless oversight, plays a meaningful role in the realisation of our key commitments around economy and jobs; rural development, land reform; good governance, education and training; health; and fighting corruption and crime.

In this year of OR Tambo, the ANC will continue striving to build the free, just and prosperous society of which he dreamed.


Enquiries: Phiwe Mathe: 081 214 1702

Statement on Metsimaholo

Free State Caucus: Media & Communications Unit

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24 February 2017

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip in the Free State Legislature welcomes the appointments of seven new councillors from the ANC as Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMCs) in Metsimaholo Municipality. This follows the victory in the recent by-elections.

We view these appointments as an endorsement of the ANCs vision for local government as stipulated in our 2016 Local Government elections manifesto under the guidance of the Freedom Charter.

The following councillors have been appointed by the Mayor to serve as MMCs for a period of five years:

  • Mr Thabo Mabasa - Local Economic Development, Housing and Urban Planning
  • Mr Toti Mokoena - Corporate services
  • Mr Thabo Mosia - Finance
  • Mr Fikile Msokweni - Social Services
  • Mr Lucas Fischer - Security, Communication and Integrated Development Planning
  • Mr Tsietsi Radebe - Public Safety
  • Ms Nokuthula Mtshali - Special Programmes

We are confident that these selected councillors are fit, proper and capable to discharge their responsibilities in actively guiding the developmental agenda of the municipality. We have no doubt that they will hit the ground running when they start their term as MMCs in serving the people of Metsimaholo.


Enquiries: Phiwe Mathe (081 214 1702)

Caucus message of condolence

Message of condolence from the Chief Whip of the majority party in the Free State Legislature Hon Neels Van Rooyen.

The African National Congress (ANC) Caucus in the Free State Legislature has noted with great sadness the passing of Comrade Mantsheng Anna "Ouma" Tsopo on the 31st of December 2016.

Along with many others of her generation, she contributed not only to the life of the party as an activist in the destruction of apartheid colonialism but also to the creation of a national democratic society. It is due to both these roles that the impact of her work was and remains profound, because it combined the understanding of revolutionary theory, its testing and refinement in the Free State Legislature. We commend her for the commitment and leadership that she has demonstrated in the various roles she served in while in government and later in the legislative sector. Her calibre of leadership informed the progress that has been made in improving the quality of life for the overwhelming majority of people residing in the Free State province since the advent of our democracy.

The Caucus Whippery wishes to extend its sincerest condolences to her family, former colleagues and friends.

May her soul rest in peace.

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