• 2018 Budget Speech

    Speech delivered by the Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba.

    At the very advent of our democracy, as the nation was emerging from more than three centuries of colonial oppression, which President Nelson Mandela described as an "extraordinary human disaster that [had] lasted too long:, he urged that out of that experience had to be born a society of which all humanity would be proud.

    To our highly expectant nation, he addressed the following words, that:...

  • Tangible economic growth

    Debate by Hon. PDN Maloyi: Defining the strategy that will give necessary impetus for tangible economic growth.

    The point of departure in this debate, is to reflect on where we come from, where are we and where are we going as country.

    The democratic South Africa has inherited an economy which has been premised on colonialism and racial exclusion. This racialised economy has direct bearing on the challenges we face today that is the challenges of unemployment, inequality and poverty...

  • Confidence counter-motion

    Input by Hon. N. Mthethwa Minister of Arts and Culture on the Vote of confidence counter-motion.

    One of the ramifications of a unipolar world order is the imperialist machination of demanding regime-change in countries in the Global South.

    Often, this is the removal from office of those heads of state government who refuse to kowtow to the reationary interests of an oppressive global hegemony.

    Similarly, the call for regime change in South Africa today is a ploy to destabilise, to subvert and undermine our...

  • No-Confidence Debate

    Input by Hon. N.N. Mapisa-Nqakula Minister of Defence on the No-Confidence Debate.

    Today's session in this House has attracted, in my view, more attention in our country and even abroad, to even surpass the opening of Parliament and the delivery by the President of the State of the Nation Address.

    But, we have been here before-seven times in the last seven years. The only difference today is that the process of voting will be secret. The reason it is secret is because there is some belief among the opposition parties that some ANC members in the Chamber will...

  • Motion of No Confidence

    Motion of No Confidence in the President debate by Comrade Pule Mabe ANC MP.

    Ba-Pedi Bare Ngwana llela Nakana Ya Mukhura Sethla O mo nere - Today we are going to give it to our modern day fantics of "Fame and Fortune" the Democratic Alliance who consistently want to appear as the authors of the moral script and custodians of good conduct in society. In the DA the word Revolution doesn't exists everything they do is guided by opportunism, last and desperation for fame. Our movement the ANC has led the charge in liberating the People of South Africa and leading the rest of society to a rigth path on that...

  • Motion of No-Confidence

    Motion of No Confidence in the President debate by Deputy Chief Whip of the ANC Ms. Dorries Eunice Dlakude.

    First, we extend sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families of our Cdes, who passed away in the recent past. Hon. Trevor Bonhomme from KZN and Hon. TZM Khoza, from Mpumalanga. The latter died in a car accident while on oversight visit to schools around Paarl. The ANC is much poorer without them, may their gentle souls RIP.

    We also extend our best wishes to the committee...

  • 2016 Budget Speech

    Speech delivered by the Minister of Finance, the Hon. Pravin Gordhan (MPL).

    I have the honour to present the 2016 Budget of President Zuma's second administration.

    We do so in a spirit of frankness, both about our challenges and the opportunity to turn our economy's direction towards hope, confidence and a better future for all.

    Low growth, high unemployment, extreme inequality and hurtful fractures in our society...

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