• 2017 Budget Vote Speech Draft

    Speech delivered by the Member of the Executive Council, the Hon. Butana Komphela (MPL), on the occasion of the presentation and debate of the budget vote for the Department of Health, held at the fourth raadsaal, Bloemfontein.

    Honourable Madam Speaker,

    A story is told that in 1983, the late President of the ANC, Cde. OR Tambo, delighting in holding his first grandchild, Sacha, suddenly collapsed. As he struggled with this violent attack (an arterial spasm) on his body, he heard his wife, Adelaide, calling on him to “fight back!”

  • Budget Vote Speech 2016/17

    Free State Provincial Legislature 2016 /2017 Budget vote 5, Department of Health tabled by Dr Benny Malakoane, MEC for Health.

    Honourable Speaker, in re-establishing my credentials, my intention is not to romanticize the idiosyncrasies and sharp vicissitudes of fortune sometimes engulfing the portfolio I am responsible for, but to proclaim the moral excellence and devotion in doing our business. We are paying serious attention to our trade as the contrary might leave many feeling ambivalent. We are still the creed of our political faith, the text of our civic instruction,...

  • Health Vote 5 Budget Statement

    Free State Provincial Legislature 2015/2016 Budget Vote 5, Department of Health tabled by Dr Benny Malakoane, MEC for Health.

    Hon Speaker, it is exactly three score years ago that the architects of our democracy proclaimed the Emancipation Declaration otherwise known as the Freedom Charter. This was a momentous decree within which all the desired freedoms and rights were documented which were intended to unshackle all the motive forces of our country from the manacles of denigrating segregation, dispossession and seemingly total and permanent bongage...

  • Final Budget Speech 2013

    Free State Provincial Legislature 2013/2014 Budget Vote 5, Department of Health tabled by Dr Benny Malakoane, MEC for Health Reddersburg.

    Hon. Acting Speaker, I am honoured to present my maiden budget speech to this august house. First and foremost, allow me to pay tribute to the late Honourable MEC, Me. Fundiswa "Fezi" Ngubentombi who died in a tragic car accident with her protector Mr Bena Motaung on the 1st December 2012...

    Yes, we can proclaim without any fear of contradiction that Me Ngubentombi was indeed an outstanding...

  • Budget Speech 2012/2013

    Budget Vote Speech (Vote 5) of the Department of Health tabled by the Honourable F. Ngubentombi MEC for Health at Fauresmith, Jacob Zuma Community Hall.

    Honourable Speaker, allow me to thank you for giving us this opportunity to present our budget vote before this august house in the fourth democratic Parliament.

    We do so being guided by the conviction that ,ours is an immense task to undo centuries of the legacy of apartheid colonialism which continue to define our nation along the lines of opulence and poverty where access to quality health services still remains a privilege to only...

  • MEC Speech - Research day

    MEC Fezi Ngubentombi message on the occasion of the Free State Department of Health Research day, James Moroka Building, University of the Free State.

    Programme Director, during the tabling of the budget vote for health 2011/2012 we articulated that "research and development plan of the Free State Department of Health will focus on research that informs the national outcome of improving the health status of the entire population and contribute to government's vision of A Long and Healthy Life for All South Africans. To achieve this, we will establish and lauch the Provincial Health Research Committee and"...

  • MEC Speech: Nurses Graduation

    MEC Fezi Ngubentombi address on the occasion of Annual Diploma Ceremony of Newly Qualified Nurses, at Kestell.

    Programme Director, it is an established fact that nurses in our country and the whole world are a backbone of the health care system. The government's vision of "A Long and Healthy lives for all" cannot be achieved without nurses being at the centre stage of the sweeping changes we are effecting in the health care system

    This occasion takes place a day after the historic national nursing summit that look place in Santon...

  • Final Budget Speech 2011

    2011/2012 Budget vote 5, tabled by MS Fezi Ngubentombi, MEC for Health, Free State Provincial Legislation, Heilbron.

    This year marks the 51st anniversary of the Sharpeville (and Langa) massacress which signified the first protest action by the people of South Africa against pass laws, which resulted in the banning of liberation movements. The health services we are receiving today, accessed by all South Africans irrespective of their colour, sex, creed, wealth status are a consequence of the sacrifices of those martyrs...

  • MEC Speech: Community Service

    Speech by the MEC for health, MS. Fezi Ngubentombi at the community health services conference, Protea Hotel, Bloemfontein.

    Community service for health professionals was implemented with success by this government in 2000 and since then more than 4070 community health service professionals which includes doctors, nurses and allied health professionals have touched the lives of many patients in this province.

    Today we are gathered here to welcome the multi-disciplinary group 376 community health...

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